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Self Ligating Braces

Self Ligating Braces

Choosing the appropriate orthodontics is crucial when it comes to maintaining high levels of confidence, as a healthy smile greatly influences it. It is essential to take this aspect into account. Self-ligating braces, with their transparent brackets that are practically invisible when placed in front of the teeth, play a significant role in enabling you to attain a smile that boosts your self-assurance long before the treatment duration concludes. Additionally, the accelerated treatment procedure allows for a swift transition, completing the process several months earlier than traditional braces would require to yield similar results.

Self-Ligating Braces Explained

The self-ligating braces system shares certain similarities with traditional braces in terms of using brackets and archwires to align the teeth and promote a healthy smile. However, that’s where their similarities cease. In the case of self-ligating braces, the brackets employ a slider mechanism that automatically tightens the archwires as the teeth progressively shift into their correct positions. This innovative feature eliminates the necessity for elastic clips, leading to a more comfortable experience for the patient. Additionally, the gradual nature of this process significantly reduces the need for palatal expanders and tooth extractions.

Advantages of the Self-Ligating System

The installation procedure for self-ligating braces closely resembles that of traditional systems. The dentist carefully selects the appropriate brackets and archwires tailored to your specific needs prior to commencing the installation process. The degree of adjustment necessary for aligning your teeth directly influences the choice of wire size and material. It’s important for your dentist to consider any metal allergies you may have, as there are nickel-free archwires available for use with this system.

Using a special bonding product, your dentist will affix the brackets to your teeth. Once the brackets are in place, the wire is attached and secured at the mounting points. The installation time is significantly reduced compared to traditional methods, as the absence of elastic clips at both ends of each bracket eliminates the need for their placement. Towards the end of your appointment, you will receive information on care guidelines and have the opportunity to schedule your first maintenance appointment. With the self-ligating system, you will require far fewer appointments for maintenance and adjustment compared to traditional metal braces.

Treatment Expectations for Self Ligating

To begin your path towards achieving a healthy smile through the use of self-ligating braces, please reach out to us at Nia Pediatric Dentistry. You can contact us by dialing (770) 479-9999. Our team will be delighted to assist you in scheduling a consultation appointment where you can discuss your smile restoration goals with your dentist.