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Navigating the teenage years can be challenging. Between attending classes, participating in extracurricular activities, and possibly even working, you also strive to maintain a social life and forge new friendships. The last thing you want to be concerned about is your braces. Are they causing discomfort? Is there food stuck in them? Do they make you feel self-conscious, like a younger child?

Fortunately, many teenagers are now choosing a more convenient treatment option known as Invisalign. You may already be familiar with Invisalign as an orthodontic treatment for adults, but it is also available with a few modifications specifically designed for teenagers.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a name brand of clear aligners. They work slowly over time to reposition your teeth the same way metal braces do, but because they are made of clear plastic, nobody else will notice that you are wearing them. They are often the top choice for active and social individuals.

How Does It Work?

For teenagers opting for Invisalign, the treatment process typically spans from 9 to 15 months, utilizing approximately 18 to 30 aligners. Compared to adults, teenagers tend to require a longer treatment duration and more aligners due to their active lifestyles, which can pose a higher risk of potential damage or misplacement.

Throughout the treatment period, you will have regular check-up appointments at our Canton orthodontics office every six weeks. During these visits, Dr. Nia will evaluate your progress and provide you with the next set of aligners. Each package will contain the next three sets of aligners, and you will be instructed to switch to a new set every two weeks.

Is It Right for Me?

Invisalign Teen is particularly well-suited for individuals with minor orthodontic concerns that do not necessitate extensive treatment. It is commonly chosen by those who lead active and socially engaged lives. One of the significant advantages is that you don’t have to be concerned about metal components breaking off during sports practices or altering your ability to play a musical instrument. Furthermore, you can avoid feeling self-conscious or appearing childish among your friends, as the clear aligners are virtually invisible. There’s no need to worry about compromising your yearbook photos with a prominent metal mouth, as Invisalign Teen offers a discreet and aesthetically pleasing alternative.

How Is It Different from Invisalign for Adults?

While the treatment process remains similar for both adults and teenagers using Invisalign, there are a couple of differences specific to teenagers.

Firstly, as mentioned earlier, the treatment plan for teenagers may be slightly longer, and they may require more aligners compared to adults. This is because teenagers tend to have more active lifestyles, increasing the likelihood of aligner breakage or loss.

The second distinction is that Invisalign Teen aligners are equipped with a blue dot on the back of each aligner. This feature serves as an indicator of proper usage. When the aligner is worn for the recommended duration, the blue dot will change color, either turning white or becoming clear, signifying that the aligner has been used correctly. This helps ensure that teenagers are maintaining the recommended wear time for optimal treatment progress.

Let’s Get Started!

If you are interested in Invisalign Teen, we invite you to contact our Canton orthodontics office. You can reach us by calling (770) 479-9999 or sending us a message online. We are more than happy to assist you in scheduling a free consultation and addressing any initial inquiries you may have. We look forward to helping you embark on your journey to a confident smile with Invisalign Teen!