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Dental Care for Your Baby

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Dental Care for Your Baby


Seeking the services of a pediatric dentist at Nia Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics soon after your baby’s birth is a wise decision. Our experienced pediatric dentist can provide valuable guidance and support as you anticipate the arrival of your baby’s first tooth. They can also assist you during potentially challenging phases like teething and offer advice on caring for your child’s initial smiles.

Caring for your child’s gums

Even before your child’s first teeth start to emerge, it remains crucial to care for their gum tissues. After each feeding, it is recommended that you gently wipe their gums with a damp washcloth. This practice helps remove any residue or liquid from the gums that could potentially contribute to tooth decay once the first tooth appears. By maintaining this routine, you establish a foundation for good oral hygiene as your child’s teeth begin to develop.

When should my baby go to the dentist?

New parents often have questions regarding the appropriate age for their baby’s first dental visit. It is a common inquiry, and in response, pediatric dental organizations recommend that parents schedule their child’s first dental appointment as soon as their first tooth emerges or before their first birthday. This early visit allows the dentist to assess the baby’s oral health and identify any potential concerns that may require attention from our dental team. By initiating dental care early, we can establish a foundation for proper oral hygiene and address any issues that may arise.

When should my child brush their teeth?

During the initial two years after your child’s teeth have emerged, it is important for parents to guide them in learning how to brush their teeth using a soft-bristled toothbrush. It is advisable to avoid using fluoride toothpaste until your child is older and can refrain from swallowing it. Excessive fluoride intake at a young age can be potentially harmful, particularly if your child already receives fluoride from sources such as city water and certain foods. It is crucial to strike a balance and consult with a dental professional regarding the appropriate use of fluoride for your child’s oral health.

How to avoid cavities

It is essential to instill good oral health habits in your child from an early age to establish a strong foundation for lifelong healthy smiles. This includes teaching them about the importance of brushing their teeth, flossing regularly, and scheduling routine dental visits. Our practice also provides valuable information to parents on reducing the consumption of sugars and carbohydrates in their child’s diet, as this can significantly lower the risk of developing cavities.

Schedule a visit with your child today with our pediatric dentists

For more information on infant oral health and ensuring your child’s well-being, we invite you to reach out to Nia Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics in Marietta and Canton, GA. To schedule a visit with our dedicated team at either of our two office locations, please contact us at (770) 479-9999. We are here to provide assistance and support in various aspects, including your baby’s first tooth, teething, and promoting a lifetime of beautiful and healthy smiles. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – we look forward to serving you and your child’s dental needs!