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Clear Braces Marietta, GA

Clear Braces Marietta, GA

Metal braces are highly effective at closing gaps and aligning your child’s teeth correctly. However, their noticeable appearance often leads many young patients to seek alternative options. Clear braces provide a fantastic solution, offering the potential for excellent results in smile alignment without the prominent appearance of metal braces. This innovative orthodontic treatment utilizes clear brackets and discreet wires to correct alignment issues, achieving results in a timeframe comparable to traditional metal braces. Continue reading to gather more information about clear braces and determine if this treatment option is the best fit for your child’s needs.

Corrective Elements Used for Clear Braces

Clear braces utilize brackets made from ceramic materials, which are relatively more fragile compared to metal brackets. Due to their delicate nature, the ceramic brackets cannot be easily removed and repositioned during the course of treatment. Instead, they are affixed to the front surface of the teeth. An archwire is threaded through the brackets to apply controlled tension and facilitate the alignment process. The archwire is secured to the brackets using ligatures, which are carefully set by Dr. Nia to ensure optimal results.

For correcting bite issues, rubber bands may be employed. These rubber bands are attached between the brackets, exerting force to align the upper and lower jaws into their proper alignment. This comprehensive approach helps address both the alignment of individual teeth and any bite-related concerns during the treatment period.

Benefits of Choosing Clear Braces

Selecting clear braces over metal equivalents offer your child awesome benefits right away. Since the clear brackets blend in with the natural tooth color, your child can confidently go about their daily activities without worry. Your child can go to school, participate in clubs and play sports without feeling distracted by the presence of their braces.

Installation Process Breakdown

After conducting x-rays and thorough examinations to assess your child’s orthodontic needs, the installation process for clear braces can commence. Dr. Nia will begin by bonding the clear brackets onto the front surface of each tooth using a specialized adhesive compound. This ensures that the brackets securely adhere to the teeth. Once the brackets are in place, the archwire is affixed and set, which typically takes just a few moments. Throughout this process, Dr. Nia will provide detailed explanations of each step and offer ample reassurance to both you and your child. It is important for both of you to feel informed and comfortable throughout the installation procedure.

Care and Appointment Requirements

Since clear brackets are prone to staining, your child must commit to completing a daily oral care routine at least twice a day. Maintaining a strict oral care routine will also help prevent cavities and stains on the teeth well into the future. Your child should brush their teeth at least twice a day for two minutes a session, and then floss and swish mouthwash afterward. Flossing with a water irrigation device can further improve oral care results and keep stains from setting in the brackets or teeth.

Since clear braces utilize ceramic brackets, your child will likely need to attend a few extra adjustment appointments to avoid overstressing the bracketry. Dr. Nia will slowly increase the tension on the wires to pull the teeth into alignment without breaking the ceramic brackets. Since the treatment process utilizes smaller adjustments, some patients find this option more comfortable than metal braces.

Acquiring Clear Braces to Improve Your Smile

If your child is interested in getting clear braces to align their teeth, we encourage you to schedule a consultation appointment at Nia Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics. You can reach us by calling (770) 479-9999 to book an appointment. During the consultation, Dr. Nia will carefully assess your child’s suitability for clear braces and provide additional treatment options for your consideration. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today and take the first step towards achieving a beautifully aligned smile for your child.